Sometimes you just want a decent picture of your senior graduating and he wants nothing to do with getting senior photos. He saw how his sister got her hair and makeup done and went through 12 outfit changes and joined a squad when she got hers done. He would rather just play halo or whatever the kids are playing these days. I am here to solve your problem.


“Senior photography for guys who don’t want senior photos but their moms want one just nice one”


It’s nice to have something for the open house announcements, put on your wall along the staircase, or pull out 8 years later for a wedding slideshow,  but it might not be $1,000 grand worth it. At the same time, as good as your cell phone is, you feel like that would be the easy route and this is for posterity. where you really need a professional. The mall portrait studio will work, but honestly, last time you went that route you felt like a cattle herded in and out of the trophy props.